Projects large or small . . .

We can take your project, large or small, from concept through final manufactured product. This includes catalogs, logos, portraits, illustrations, brochures, direct mail packages, training manuals, book publishing, newsletters, magazines, letterheads, etc.

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Creativity, innovation, ingenuity, originality. . .

Individual words that have meaning on their own… but when linked together through the conceptual process, can transform ideas into reality.

Ideas that generate motivation, emotion, synergy and direction.  Image Plus understands the essential foundation upon which effective communication is based. But that foundation is only the beginning.

It takes a unique and special talent to make the transformation from ideas to reality truly happen . . .

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Talent, experience, insight, skill, knowledge. . .

Individual words describing abilities that can transform ideas into finely executed works of art… Works that are not an end in themselves, but a very essential link to a total effort in communicating.

What boundaries technology presents, Image Plus stretches beyond with pen in hand. For at times, the creative mind can only express itself through the hands.

After all, hands created technology and through it we can present . . .

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Reasonable rates from a seasoned professional. Loves to listen to your goals. Loves to see your goals met. Loves to see you smile.

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